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Karahi Haven (Duckworth Lane)
If you're struggling with an empty cupboard, lack of energy to cook or just a hungry belly, there's a place on Duckworth Lane that really is a Haven for you! Working in partnership with MyHungryBelly the best place to online order takeaway around to provide the easiest access to great food you've experienced. Give it a try and find out for yourself, it couldn't be easier or more secure. If quality curry expertly prepared and promptly dispacted is what you're after, this is the place for you.
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Posted by: David Jackson on 26 July 2012
Tagged by: Food Facts | Pizza
Kamran's Balti & Pizza Bar (Heights Lane)
Kamran's Balti & Pizza Bar is one of the most impressive local takeaways in the Bradford area. They offer mouth-watering pizza, traditional curry, kebabs, burgers and SFC and that's just a brief summary of the deliciousness that awaits you in one of the most comprehensive takeaway menus around. All the better is how easily you can browse and order all that Kamran's has to offer with real ease thanks to, the definitive internet ordering service in the UK, dedicated to making a great night in with quality food simpler than ever before.
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Posted by: David Jackson on 26 July 2012
Tagged by: Food Facts | Pizza
Indian Spice (Stainbeck Road)
Indian Spice is the place to be for delicious, expertly prepared Indian cuisine. If you're in Leeds and looking for all the quality of a great curry restaurant in the comfort of your own home then look no further! We've made it more accessible than ever with the simple and secure service we offer at My Hungry Belly- the web's premier online ordering service in the UK. With this partnership it is so easy to get a full Indian meal, it's like having your own personal Chef. Try us and we guarantee you'll be back for more.
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Posted by: David Jackson on 20 July 2012
Tagged by: Food Facts | Pizza
Immy's Spice Ranch (Tyersal Road)

Immy's Spice Rance is among the finest local takeaways in Bradford offering free delivery and a great selection of quality, mouth watering food. Immy's have teamed up with My Hungry Belly, the finest online order takeaway resource around to make enjoying all they have to offer easier than ever to access. This could prove a lifesaver if you ever find your cupboards bear or want to share a treat with your family or friends. A great night-in just doesn't get any better or more hassle free than this, get online and give us a try!


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Posted by: David Jackson on 20 July 2012
Tagged by: Food Facts | Pizza
Idle Spicy Kitchen (Albion Road)

When it comes to local takeaway food in Idle things don't get much hotter than Idle Spicy Kitchen, in every sense of the word! They aim to provide the best authentic and high quality cuisine with premier service and value backed up by years of experience within the field. Expect excellent curry, pizza, burger, calzones, pasta and more! Check out our user friendly, secure and easy online ordering menus to explore the constantly evolving selection of food on offer, we'll have your mouth watering in no time!

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Posted by: David Jackson on 13 July 2012
Tagged by: Food Facts | Pizza
Idle Balti (Albion Road)

Idle Balti has a long standing reputation for being a local takeaway renowned for its quality food and excellent service. That's why it's a local favourite for a lot of Bradford customers and now you can experience it for yourself with ease and security thanks to My Hungry Belly. Everything you need is here with a fine selection of curry and kebabs, SFC, burgers and wraps. Browse our user-friendly menus and see for yourself how Idle Balti can spice up your night in!


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Posted by: David Jackson on 13 July 2012
Tagged by: Food Facts | Pizza
Hot-n-Spicy (Harehills Lane)
Hot-n-Spicy does just what it says on the tin providing some of the hottest curry in Leeds; dansaks, dopiaza, madras, vinadaloo's, rogan josh, korma, biryani, pathia, masala, breads, nans, burgers, jacket potatoes, calzones, pizza, SFC, kebabs, meal deals, chefs specials and dessert, they have it all! Working in partnership with My Hungry Belly, the easiest, most secure and comprehensive online order takeaway site around to provide an instant rescue service to YOUR hungry belly when you find yourself stuck in with nothing to eat or lacking the motivation to cook. Never fear! We have everything you need and more.
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Posted by: David Jackson on 13 July 2012
Tagged by: Food Facts | Pizza
Hot Spot (Broadstone Way)
When it comes to home made curry, flame grilled burgers, unique speciality dishes, flame grilled burgers, stoned baked pizza, kebabs, SFC, calzones, deli hotspot, omelettes, and more there is one Hot Spot in Bradford that more that lives up to its name. Now thanks to My Hungry Belly, the simplest and more secure online ordering service around all of this delicious food has never been more easy for you to access and less hassle to boot. Give it a try today and you won't believe all the time you wasted scrambling around for screwed up old menus, it's simply that easy.
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Posted by: David Jackson on 6 July 2012
Tagged by: Food Facts | Pizza
Hot'n'Tender (Hollingwood Lane)

If you like quality local takeaway food in Bradford, then chances are that you know Hot'n'Tender one of the most popular outlets in the city. The good news is that it's now more accessible than ever with online ordering though My Hungry Belly, the premier internet ordering service, providing you with the best food with total ease and security. You won't believe how easy and simple it is untill you try!


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Posted by: David Jackson on 2 July 2012
Tagged by: International Cuisine | Food Facts | Pizza
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