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Appetisers Dessert Bar - Oak Lane
Apptisers Dessert Bar is located on Oak Lane in Bradford.  Like no other dessert bar, Appetisers aim to supple appetising food for you to satisfy your belly and especially for all you with a sweet tooth.
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Posted by: Neal G on 10 September 2014
Tagged by: Pizza
Wajs Fast Foods-Manchester Road
Had a busy day at work? Do you really want to start cooking?Probably not! Why not come and try our fast foods. Wajs Fast foods specialise in English, Indian, Burgers, Donner, Southern Fried Chicken, Kebabs, Etc. We have many different options for you to enjoy.
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Posted by: on 10 September 2014
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Zam Zam Cuisine

Why not come along to Zam Zam Cuisine and enjoy the different variety of foods that we specialise in Indian Cuisine, Burger, Italian, Kebabs, Pizza, Donner, Southern Fried Chicken, Etc.



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Posted by: Cassie Sawyer on 8 September 2014
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