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Food Facts from

In this article, we take you through some of the key facts of food.  Demonstarting what is good for you.

Food facts are important to keep a healthy diet. brings some key facts about food which is good for you.  So before you order food online through, it is good practice what to order and what not to order.

Eat Cherries to reduce chemicals in the body which cause joint pains.  Finding healthy food online from takeaway that are available online is easy.

Did you know, after you have ordered food line and consumed it, you should not really have a cup o tea or coffe, as this will redue the amount of iron your body takes by 50%.  So before you go and get yourself a cup of tea, just wait for half an hour, go back online and leave feedback from the takeaway you have ordered food from.

The largest food item that has ever been on a menu is a camel.  It is said that some Bedouin weddings this menu was offered by royalty in Morooco a few hundred years ago.  It is said that the camel was cleaned and then stuffed with 60 eggs, 110 gallons of water, 20 chickens, and a whole lamb.

Now any online menus may not have a Camel but you will find various ranges of pizzas, from many different takeaways online that you can simply enjoy on a evening.

Posted by: David Jackson on 19 April 2012
Tagged by: Food Facts
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