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Amano's- Main Street

Amano's located on Main Street in Bingley offers fantastic foods such as Pizza, kebabs and burgers, not to mention our fantastic value meal deals. There's no reason not to order food online right now and the good news is you can order online exclusively at it couldn't be easier!


Amano's take great pride in making Pizza to the highest standards, using the finest fresh ingredients. All pizzas are made using 100% mozzarella cheese. With a selection ranging from Margherita to Hula Hula from as little as 5.50 they impress in terms of value and choice as well as quality. When it comes to choosing local restaurants in Bradford Amano's is definitely one of check out for all your fast food, pizza needs and more.

Order food online with to see for yourself with Amano's, 61 Main Street, Bingley today!


Posted by: David Jackson on 18 April 2012
Tagged by: Food Facts
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