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Caesars (Tong Street)
Friends! Romans! Bradfordians! If you want a local takeaway feast worthy of an emperor, set your sights on Caesars. Togas are optional, but great food is a given with great value curry, pizza and more. It couldn't be easier to order online with us securely and hassle free.

Take a look though our easy to navigate online menus. The simplest way to order takeaway food and have a look at all the great value tasty food Caesars have on offer. The many highlights include a special curry range served with boiled rice, 3 chapaties or nan starting at an affordable £6.50. If the range of pizza is just so appealling you can't pick just one than pick up the unique Half and Half Pizza combing two halves of different pizza ingredients.

So order online today with and together with Caesars, 24 Tong Street, Bradford we'll make sure you have the best food direct to your home with such speed and ease you'll think its come by chariot!


Posted by: Neal G on 20 April 2012
Tagged by: Food Facts | Pizza
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