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Dunstable Tandoori (Vernon Place)
Dunstable Tandoori is a quality online order takeaway serving the people of Dunstable with great curry galore. They're primed to serve all of your desires for Indian cuisine so you don't have to stress out over a hot stove after a hard day's work or if you want to just treat yourself. This is now even more accessible thanks to My Hungry Belly, the easiest online ordering service on the web!


Dunstable Tandoori offer a full curry restaurant experience from a delicious range of starters to taste bud tingling and Tandoori Masala dishes and that's not even mentioning our house and Chef's specials, and trust me "special" is the optimum word for these carefully prepared dishes using the finest ingredients. You can have a look at our easy to user menu for yourself and then order food online with a few clicks of your mouse.
Pretty tempting stuff, I'm sure you'll agree so check out Dunstable Tandoori, 21 Vernon Place, Dunstable and!

Posted by: David Jackson on 17 April 2012
Tagged by: Food Facts | Pizza
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