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Grill Cafe (Wade Lane)

Grill is a red hot option when it comes to eating-in in Leeds. All the burgers, kebabs, desserts, and curry you need are right here to suit your eating needs, whenever you want it. Now more convenient than ever with My Hungry Belly, the easiest and most secure way to access the best local takeaways online from the comfort of your own home free from hassle. No more hassles such as keeping contact details of your favourite takeaways or suffering from a lack of choice. We allow you access to what you want, when you want it.


Open seven days a week from five pm to four in the morning Grill Cafe is always there when you get a hankering for something red hot and filling and online ordering makes it easier than ever. Check out our easy to use online menu and you'll see there's plenty to get excited about. How about the Traditional American Sub? Freshly baked baguettes filled with lettuce, mayonnaise and a choice of fillings. Just one of the many reasons to order takeaway food online with grill cafe and there's free delivery between LS1 and LS10 to boot!

So order food online today with Grill Cafe, 43 Wade Lane, Leeds and the ideal combination for hot, fast and tasty food catered around your life.


Posted by: David Jackson on 20 June 2012
Tagged by: Food Facts | Pizza
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