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Kamran's Balti & Pizza Bar (Heights Lane)
Kamran's Balti & Pizza Bar is one of the most impressive local takeaways in the Bradford area. They offer mouth-watering pizza, traditional curry, kebabs, burgers and SFC and that's just a brief summary of the deliciousness that awaits you in one of the most comprehensive takeaway menus around. All the better is how easily you can browse and order all that Kamran's has to offer with real ease thanks to, the definitive internet ordering service in the UK, dedicated to making a great night in with quality food simpler than ever before.

Kamran's dedication to great food and service is evident in both the quality of the cuisine available and via the free delivery offered within a three mile radius on minimum orders of seven poinds. Open seven days a week, there's plenty of chances to sample some of our easy user-friendly menus many highlights. Why not try a expertly prepared Kamrans special curry fresh out of the karahi wok or balti? There's so much to choose from, and you won't believe how easy it is to get it direct to you with My Hungry Belly, a truly unique online ordering experience.

So, if your mouth is watering do yourself a favour and treat yourself to online order takeaway with Kamran's Balti & Pizza Bar, 32 Heights Lane, Bradford and!


Posted by: David Jackson on 26 July 2012
Tagged by: Food Facts | Pizza
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