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Mayflower Chinese Takeaway (Compton Road)
Mayflower is one of the very finest Chinese takeaways in Leeds so if you have a hankering for a taste of the east, you'll be happy to know they're working in tandem with MyHungryBelly to provide the easiest way to eat well without leaving your home and with our online ordering system, even your computer chair! After all afrer a hard day's work why should you have to slave away over a hot stove? You deserve delicious food without the hassle.  This is the ideal opportunity to try out our service if you haven't done before, you'll soon be wondering how you ever did without it.

Browse our easy to user online menu and you'll soon see that Mayflower is heaven for lovers of Chinese food with a great variety of food at prices that won't leave you out of pocket. Open seven days a week from 5 to midnight, and with free delivery within the local area this is already a very simple and stress free way to eat well but add our online ordering into the mix and you won't find a simpler or more enjoyable takeaway experience out there. Why not try a special set meal for two for as little at 14 or a delicious Thai curry or a Cantonese style sweet and sour dish?

Treat yourself to online order takeaway with Mayflower Chinese Takeaway, 29 Compton Street, Leeds and!


Posted by: Cassie Sawyer on 20 September 2012
Tagged by: Food Facts
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