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Nawaab Khan (Roundhay Road)
Fancy a change for the normal takeaway or want to try a taste of another land, then enjoy the high quality at Nawaab Khan. Find them just off Roundhay Road and see for yourself the level of quality this local takeaway in Leeds can offer. Nawabb Khan offers a wide range of Indian and Halal dishes for you to order today.


Now all this is easier to access then ever before thanks to the web's premier order takeaway resource, allowing you to get the very best first to your door with minimum effort. Why not give us a try today? Its secure and straightforward. Either ragister with us get your food with a few mouse clicks or order direct.

Maybe you like of online order takeaway but you're reluctant to give it a try. Working in partnership with Nawaab khan, who order free delivery in the local and have opening hours suited suited your life first and foremost. takes all the hassle out of takeaway food with the premier online ordering experience around.

You should definitely try out Nawaab Khan, 496 Roundhay Road, Leeds though and enjoy a well prepared takeaway today.


Posted by: Sid Wilson on 30 October 2012
Tagged by: Food Facts | Pizza
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