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Clayton Spice (Park Lane)

Chances are if you're a local of Clayton, Bradford you're well aware of Clayton Spice, the area's favourite "dial a meal" local takeaway. However don't worry if it has passed your attentions here's the perfect chance to savour what you've been missing out on! Clayton Spice is synonymous with great taste offering of the finest selections of appetisers, set meals, chef's special balti's, vegetarian dishes, curries, sundries, burgers, kebabs, paninis, wraps, fried chicken, kids meals, pizzas, garlic breads, meal deals, hot special offers, drinks, milkshakes and dessert you'll find anywhere you care to look.


All of this is now available with little more than a few mouse clicks thanks to another name all lovers of quality food should know. We offer the most secure, simplest online ordering experience. We're always on the lookout to find and hand pick the best local takeaways. Clayton Spice is an exciting new outlet we're passionate about. So browse our easy online order takeaway menu and soon enough you'll see why more and more customers are flocking toward Clayton Spice and why we offer the easiest way to get all the best direct to your door. In partnership we offer quite simply a hassle free feast.

Clayton Spice are serious about providing the best and will settle for nothing less than the finest ingredients, and the best service. With online ordering and a free delivery service within a 3 mile radius on all orders over 7 and only an additional 1 charge outside of that radius- not to mention opening seven days a week, from midday to 11pm on weekdays- Clayton's Spice put your needs first! Why not try out one of the range of special "Clayton curries"  (everything from Bhuna to Jalfrezi) or the mouth watering Meal Deals, which are truly kind to your wallet. A full meal for as little as five pounds!

For the best in quality and convenience enjoy your next meal care of Clayton Spice, 5 Park Lane, Bradford and Once you've sampled the best in such ease you won't know how you ever managed without us! 


Posted by: Meggan Bishop on 31 October 2012
Tagged by: Food Facts | Pizza
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