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English<br>Indian<br>Burgers<br>Italian<br>Pizza<br>Donner<br>Southern Fried Chicken<br>Kebabs
555 Great Horton Road
Southern Fried Chicken
  25 mins
  45 mins
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Welcome to Kebab Ranch, situated on Great Horton Road, Bradford, BD7 4EF. Kebab Ranch offers Starters, Burgers, kebabs, SFC, Baltis, Traditional Curries, Special Set Meals & mouth watering pizzas. Order securely online through for a quick delivery.

Customer Reviews
Oumarou Ouedraogo
9 Mar 2012 22:26
Oumarou Ouedraogo
9 Mar 2012 22:26
Oumarou Ouedraogo
9 Mar 2012 21:56
I've ordered from them few times and there were always the same problem - delivery time. I didn't use to leave feedback but this time I will do that. I ordered: Mix Kebab, Chicken Donner Large, Popadom and 2 Pieces Chicken & Fries. 2,5h has gone and still I don't get the food so I called them and they said it's late coz of traffic (I placed order at 4pm - so was calling them 6.30pm. At 7pm I called again and got info "he is already gone" so I got my food about 7.20 pm but there was no Chicken Donner so I called them again. They were supriced and asked me if I am sure there is not Chicken Donner (like I would have any reason to lie). Then they said to give them 15 mins. So I was waiting till 9pm and decided to call again coz I haven't got it. So I called and they said "15 mins"... At 9.30pm I called again coz there was no food. I asked if they can bring me just money. They said I have to contact the website. So I was trying to call the my hungry belly and they (you) didn;t answer. So I called the restaurant again and told them they need to bring the food coz I can't cancel my order coz my hungry belly don't answer my calls. They told me that my hungry belly called then and said somebody complained and they will refund :D That was the worst lie coz even I havent talk to the my hungry belly (they didn;t answer call). The man from restaurant told me to not use the website anymore coz it not good website :D That was what said the man from Kebab Ranch. So it's 9.55 pm and I am waiting for my Chicken Donner :D I just give up and I'm going to stop to eat any ordered food :D
charlotte Parker
10 Jun 2011 18:50
yummy as always , brilliant service , even better food thanks ;-)
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